Robotics in Aerospace MRO

    Lelystad 40 HBO-WO

    Robotics in Aerospace MRO

    “The further development of our Vision System for sanding robot CASSy using Machine Learning techniques. You can write and (re)structure code yourself and in the process you get a lot of freedom in thinking up and creating smart solutions."
    Lelystad 40 HBO-WO

    Company Profile

    SPECTO Aerospace, located at Lelystad Airport and Woensdrecht Air Force Base, is a specialist in the repair of composite aircraft and helicopter parts. SPECTO is an EASA/FAA/TCCA/MAA Part-145, certified aerospace engineering company that repairs parts for renowned aircraft and helicopter maintenance companies, airlines and manufacturers within and outside Europe. In our own workshops, as well as in the hangars of our customers, we perform high-quality, specialized work. We employ enthusiastic people with an eye for detail, two right hands and a high sense of responsibility. We are all about inventiveness, innovation and quality. We never shy away from a challenge!



    In our aerospace engineering company at Lelystad Airport, crafts come together in a high-tech environment: we repair aircraft parts that involve a lot of manual work. We are automating parts of these processes, including the sanding of plastic composite aircraft parts.

    We have developed our own sanding robot CASSy (Cobot Automated Sanding System) that can automatically sand Radomes (aircraft noses) using machine-learning. We write the software code for this and we test the system in our own workshops on real aircraft parts so that we see the results of what we come up with immediately.

    We want to further optimize our robot system and further professionalize the software, both in terms of code and functionality. Naturally, the system must be able to remove coating from an aircraft nose completely autonomously, without damage. In addition, all this must be operated with a well-functioning GUI.
    Your main responsibility will be to take our vision system to the next level and further develop the GUI.

    Internship requirements

    You are a creative thinker and you are passionate about new technologies and tools.

    • You are in the final phase of your HBO/WO education;
    • You master the English and Dutch language;
    • You have analytical skills and you work in a structured way.

    What can you expect from SPECTO:

    • A learning environment where we work with you and you are truly part of the SPECTO Team!
    • Flexibility in working hours and location;
    • A competitive internship allowance.

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    Any questions?

    Feel free to ask Elise. In the composites and Aerospace world, asking questions is the rule rather than the exception. So don't hesitate and let us hear from you!

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    Meet your future colleagues

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    About SPECTO

    About SPECTO

    We employ craftspeople who are skillful and have a high sense of responsibility.