“Together, we find the best solutions”

    “As a team, we think in terms of possibilities. We like to do things differently. Together, we come up with the best solutions,' says shop manager Jeroen Polfliet. ‘I am responsible for the daily operations, and I am the contact person for the colleagues in the various shops of SPECTO Aerospace.”
    Jeroen Polfliet

    Jeroen Polfliet

    Shop Manager

    “As a manager, I coordinate the technical process and keep an overview. I work from our maintenance control centre, but if I get the chance, you’ll find me in the workshop. Before this I worked for an airline for 20 years. So, I already knew a lot about aviation but at SPECTO, I learned all about composites.”

    Influencing the final result

    ‘Working at SPECTO is fun. You encounter the dynamic aspect of aviation here, but the work is not all-or-nothing. You usually work on one job for several consecutive days. The nice thing is that you carry out the repair yourself from start to finish. So, you influence the final result.’

    ‘The greater the damage, the more complicated it often is to repair. As a technician, you work on interesting projects here, you use quality materials and good tools. You are engaged in a craft, and you work with colleagues with a passion for technology. One has experience in aviation, the other in boat building or car technology.’

    Everyone has their own experience

    ‘Everyone brings their own experience. This often makes us look at things from different perspectives and discuss the best approach. Together, we come up with the best solutions!’

    ‘If you are handy and motivated, then we will teach you the job! At SPECTO, we work in a structured and precise way, but it is not rocket science,’ he laughs. ‘Oh, and what is also nice... sometimes you come across something out of the ordinary in an aircraft component. For example, we came across geckos a while ago, which we now keep in a terrarium. We feed them crickets and they have become SPECTO’s mascots.’

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