“I am and will always be a real techie!”

    At the age of 17, Jeroen Mast bought a brand-new, but heavily damaged, sailing yacht to realise his dream of offshore sailing! He quit his studies and spent one and a half years restoring the yacht bit by bit before sailing across lakes, seas and oceans. ‘An adventurous period, in which I noticed that it wasn't just the sailing that gave me energy, but also making something on my own, creating something and adding value to a product that actually works,’ he says.
    Jeroen Mast

    Jeroen Mast

    Founder of SPECTO Aerospace and managing director of the Lelystad branch.

    Now, 30 years later, the founder of SPECTO Aerospace is still doing what made him happy as a boy. Together with his employees, he creates solutions to challenging technical issues. ‘SPECTO is a high-tech craft company with the aim of getting aircraft back in commission as quickly as possible. The aircraft manufacturer determines how something should be repaired, but we often develop specific tooling ourselves to do the work.’

    Ingenious and inventive

    The photo in his office of the sailing boat, which he still sails regularly, reminds him of his choice for technology and entrepreneurship. ‘At SPECTO, we are ingenious, inventive, and together, we create solutions to issues faced by our technical workshops. Aviation is an international world in which self-reliance is important.' 

    ‘SPECTO has two locations: Lelystad Airport and Airbase Woensdrecht. In Lelystad, we repair more than 1,000 aircraft parts per year. We specialise in everything related to composites and light alloy structures, particularly aircraft noses (radomes) and flight control surfaces. In Woensdrecht, we focus on the repair of helicopter parts, with a particular emphasis on the repair of rotor blades.’

    Seizing opportunities

    ‘After my sailing adventures, I started working as a freelancer for various technical companies in different industries. After 10 years, I got an assignment with the Royal Netherlands Navy, where I was involved in the maintenance and repair of parts for the Orion reconnaissance aircraft at Marine Vliegkamp Valkenburg. While walking around there, I noticed that the lights in the composite workshop were often off. I was told that it was difficult to find composite specialists. With my experience in yacht building and my structured working method, I saw this as an opportunity and immersed myself in the world of aircraft composites and all the regulations that go with it.’

    ‘What my eyes saw, my hands made. I understood the product and fantasised about the many possibilities, especially as an entrepreneur. For me, working in a structured way and adhering to strict regulations, combined with creativity, innovation and craftsmanship, makes this work fantastic.’  When you see how many professionals we have that help customers every day... that's great!


    A real techie

    ‘I started the company SPECTO (Latin for "look well, observe"...an eye for detail!) and after a long and intensive process, I received the long-awaited European aviation certification (EASA Part 145) at the end of 2007. We grew, made a name for ourselves and I attracted skilled people who work in the specialised workshops. Later, my team expanded to include people who also took on management. Over the years, I have found that I do best when I am working on business and technological developments and less on day-to-day management. I am and will remain a real techie.’

    ‘We have since then grown into an international company with over 60 employees who we are proud of. We can find solutions to challenging questions, we think and look ahead, and we have a great customer portfolio including large international aircraft manufacturers and airlines. Why don't I shout my pride from the rooftops? It probably has to do with my driven but modest character. What is nice is that there are also people on board who like that very aspect and who help promote SPECTO in a professional way.’

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