“Our work flies in the air a few days later”

    “My best project? The modification of a belly radome of an aircraft at a naval base in Thailand. Despite the heat (which softened the material) and the language barrier, I delivered a good end product, and the plane was airworthy again,' says composite specialist Ferry Verbij."
    Ferry Verbij

    Ferry Verbij

    Composite specialist

    “Such a trip is the icing on the cake. But to be honest, I also enjoy working in our own workshop. I was involved in the design of the building in Lelystad. The various rooms are arranged in such a way that the disciplines of the work process fit together perfectly.”


    As a composite specialist, I repair aircraft noses and other aircraft parts, such as flaps and spoilers. My working day starts at 7 am with a work meeting. I discuss  the current tasks with my colleagues before we get started. Each person has their own projects or joint projects. That freedom is great.’

    ‘Before I start sanding, trimming and laminating, I thoroughly familiarise myself with the damage. I read the work orders, which describe the most important steps. At the start of a project, I go through the data, check whether all materials are present and read the damage report. If I have any questions or want to coordinate something, I drop by the engineer who made the report. During the repair, I record every step, so that we comply with the safety requirements. After all, our work is flying again a few days later. It has to be excellent!


    Induction programme

    There is a shortage of composite specialists in the Netherlands. That is why we train people at SPECTO ourselves. During the induction programme, you will work in various departments for several weeks. For instance, you get to work with the composite specialists, you help in the paint shop, and you even join our sales staff.

    ‘Once you have gotten to know everyone, and you have a good idea of what our company does and what we stand for, we will teach you the job. There are great challenges waiting for you here every day. If you like technology, SPECTO is the place for you.’

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