“Painting rocket parts remains special"

    ‘Our work is unique. We paint the noses of different types of aircraft to rocket parts. We work at a high level and adhere to strict technical requirements. No two days are the same,' says Head Painter Chris van Oven.
    Chris van Oven

    Chris van Oven


    Before I joined SPECTO Aerospace, I was a car painter. My aim was to ensure that the customer could no longer see where the repair had been carried out. Painting aircraft parts is not the same. First of all, we work with different kinds of paints and substrates. In addition, we have to deal with strict technical requirements. For example, manufacturers stipulate specific layer thicknesses for the components of their aircraft.’

    Super smooth

    In our shop, together with my colleagues, I putty, sand, spray-paint and polish the most diverse aircraft parts. We work in a team of all-round painters, but everyone has their own expertise and background. Together, we make sure that the parts are delivered to the customer in a super smooth condition and according to the specifications.

    ‘A nice recurring project we have is painting the interstage of a Vega rocket. "How cool is it that a piece of our work is launched into space!" The rocket is often used for scientific observations of the earth and can take several satellites into space for different orbits.’


    Respect for each other

    ‘SPECTO is a nice group of people. During our work, we have to stay alert, but in the breaks or between projects we laugh a lot. We have respect for each other. Our common denominator is that we all have an eye for detail, and we enjoy doing technical work. We are happy when a nose of an aeroplane, a flap or a rocket part is repaired, smoothly spray-painted, well packaged and transported back to the customer.'

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