What we do

    Imagine a bird flies into an aircraft and causes a dent in the nose or in the leading edge of the wing. Or an aircraft is severely damaged during a hailstorm. Then high-tech craftman's company SPECTO Aerospace  repairs the composite aircraft or helicopter part, after which it can fly again a day later at an altitude of 10 kilometres at 900 kilometres per hour.

    We carry out repairs on lightweight aircraft components in our own workshop, but sometimes also in the hangar of our customers at home or abroad. We employ enthusiastic people with an eye for detail, who are skillful and have a high sense of responsibility. We are all about creativity, innovation and craftsmanship. We never shy away from a challenge.


    What we do

    • SPECTO works on exciting projects for high-profile clients. These include airline companies and aircraft manufacturers.
    • SPECTO gives employees responsibility and confidence. ‘Working at SPECTO means working in an environment where people look out for each other. Once you have gained trust, the company is 100 percent behind you.This is a good feeling.’
    • SPECTO does not shy away from any challenge. ‘We have a lot of specialized knowledge, and we can do a lot. What we cannot do, we can learn. Building up knowledge always requires investment in time and money. This is something we find not only important, it is also fun.’ It is in our DNA to look beyond the obvious.
    • At SPECTO we work with the best tools. ‘We don't save on equipment that makes work easier and has a positive impact on quality. And how cool is it that you can also use this equipment occasionally for a hobby project?' We are happy to accommodate that.
    • SPECTO's growth is future oriented. ‘We immerse ourselves in new technologies, such as robotization, and think ahead. What will the market demand from us in the future? We respond to this, because together we are building a company that is ahead of the game.’
    • SPECTO aims for a 10/10. ‘We always aim for the best quality. We have an eye for detail and are eager to learn. We give employees the chance to learn and develop with us.’
    • At SPECTO we do things together. ‘We have lunch together, we host an annual barbecue and  company outing, but above all we celebrate our successes together.’